Tuesday, April 9, 2013

this post is all about pee

i looked up the posts from potty training aves and ash for the kids today.  they LOVE looking through old posts on the blog.

avery was hard.  i was so stressed out.  and she was scared to poop.  she was 2 and 2 months.
 photo 3rdweekjuly103.jpg

ash was a breeze.  she really did it on her own.  she was a week shy of two.
 photo IMG_9287.jpg

ian is doing pretty well. (he's 2 and 7 months)
he went a FULL amount of potty on the chair 3 times today.  we were so excited! yesterday,  he kept letting like 3 drops fall and then he'd get so excited about his sticker and chocolate chip.  he saved up the real amount for the rocks outside and his pull up at nap time.

he is still having very minor accidents, just dribbles and then he'll hold it and go to the potty chair.

today, he was playing and a little dribbled out and he ran to the chair saying "mommy, can you teach me to potty?"  it was adorable and then he went A LOT in the chair! yay!

day two is almost over.  he's napping now and dave gets to take over when he gets home so i can go out with laura and ellen!  hooray!

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Courtney said...

that's good progress...and that's what matters! :-)