Wednesday, April 10, 2013

popsicle sticks and grocery stores

we've been sick around here.  and not just sick of pee.  (hardy, har, har)

ians throwup-turned-diarrhea somehow morphed into runny noses, coughs and fevers for the girls.  and then today, the sinus headache and cloudy brain nonsense hit me.

ashton and ian are superb little sick people.  they quietly endure what ails them.  but avery? well, she's a different story.  yesterday from her bed she yells:

"mommy!  why can't i breath? i hate this.  i hate being sick." 

then a few moments later:

"mommy, i can. not. stop. coughing.  i can't sleep.  i hate this!" 

and then, as i'm walking out of her room i hear a muffled:

"why oh why didn't adam and eve obey God!"  

seriously? this child. she has passion and initiative and by golly, she has EXPECTATIONS.  she wants things to go exactly how she has planned in her little mind and when they don't,  lawd have mercy.  (this description may or may not sound like the person typing this ;))

oh, but there a million glorious things about this intense personality that God's given the aves.  

exhibit a:

she planned, set up and executed this little project for her brother and sister all on her own. 

blurry but cute. 

"they need to know their colors and shapes, mom."

they each made their own set of popsicle stick shape puppets. 

exhibit b:

aunt rocio and uncle matt gifted us with several "pretend play" learning sets.  we did our first one yesterday.  they purchased an entire set of grocery store printables and our very own cash register.   avery totally digs this sort of thing. she was way into it. it's fun to watch her play and pretend.  intensity. 

i had to add a star to this one.   :)

there was even an easy access bathroom at our market, you know, in case you happen to bring a potty training two year old shopping with you. 

we scored big time with the bread.  buy one loaf, get one free! 

after our market and peeing and coughing day, i high tailed it out of there as soon as dave got home in order to go meet some heroes of mine, who just happen to be my best friends. 

salsa brava seemed like a good place to celebrate ellen's birthday. 

love them. 

and ian is making steady progress with potty training.  he even pooped on the potty chair today! definitely reason to celebrate!  we haven't left the house since monday when we started, so we'll see how he does tomorrow.

oh and the adventure project did a little profile about me and our water raffle yesterday on their blog.  you can read it here. 

very cool.  they are still raising money for mechanics and super wells in uganda.  join if you haven't.  such a beautiful way to love how Jesus loves. 


Sandi elsberry said...

I love all of my grandchildren! Avery is so much like her mamma used to be! It's fun to watch Avery become such a little leader! So proud of her in so many ways. I'll pray for you Mandy, as you and Dave are the chosen ones to raise her. You definitely have to concentrate on the good - there is much good in little Avery! (love her)

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