Wednesday, May 29, 2013

the time we went to kansas

we got back from a beautiful, full and happy trip to topeka, kansas on monday night.  there was a pavilion full of family next to lake shawnee at our clark side reunion on saturday.  my mom's mom (grandma velma)  has 2 sisters and 2 brothers and all five of them came together with as many of their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren that they could convince to come ;)

it was fun to catch up with long, lost cousins (literally!!), meet new babies and eat loads of good food.  there is a wedding cake baker and a meat smoker in the family.  everything was legit and so yummy.  it was such a blessing and privilege to get to hug courtney's neck and meet little sophie.  she is something else, that one.  wish we would've thought to take a picture together.  next time.

on our way.  kids did superb.  
so proud of their traveling skillz. 

cousin carl got a great one of ashton kate. 

these are a couple of the girls older cousins.  they took them down to the lake to wade in the water.  
thanks lindsay and jeanette.  they LOVE you guys :)

grandma clark's 5 kiddos.

jim, fay, norva, velma and junior. 

okay, so this is kamryn.  isn't she a doll?  they are 2 weeks apart.

she is my mom's cousin, jim's grandaughter.  
i have no idea what that makes them.  5th cousins???  

does anyone know the correct family terminology for this cute little relationship? 

don, erin and kids went back to iowa for a few weeks.  it was nice to say "see you soon" and actually mean it.  they'll be back in july for a little more cousin fun before heading back to ghana.

erin just sent me 405 (!) pictures from our time together in may.  so i'll be sure to go through those and get the best ones up here, you know, at some point.  ;)

happy summertime.

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Daphne said...

They are 3rd cousins if they are the grandchildren of 1st cousins. 2nd cousins are 1st cousins children. 3rd cousins are those children's children. The whole "once removed" thing happens if someone is of a different generation. ex. You would call your own 1st cousin's child "my 1st cousin once removed" and if that child had a child, it would be your 1st cousin twice removed.