Wednesday, May 15, 2013

just some things

i am self-conscious about my asymmetrical eyes. there, i said it. 
i think it's getting worse. 
i'd rather just show you this picture of me and the kids from mothers day.

but, really, i just need to get over myself and my wack-o eyes, so i guess i'll show you this one too.
the kids are cute, so that's good.  

on mother's day, nancy took erin and i out to p.f. changs and ed, don and dave took the kids home and well, i'm not really sure what they did.  it was wonderful.
avery had her last soccer game on saturday and had quite the fan club. 

the kids got dave a teenage mutant ninjah turtle kite for his birthday.  he used to get up at  6 am on saturday mornings so he could watch that show. 

the cousins have had a blast flying that thing on the golf course behind grandma's house.

i really, really love this shot.

dave was messing around with the panoramic feature on my phone while we were all around the fire.  that's kinda fun. 

we sure are having fun with these people.  


Anonymous said...

Actually, dear Mandy, if you knew how many people think you are absolutely stunning and gorgeous (I have always thought this about you)there would be no need for self-conscious! When I ran into you a few weeks ago I thought to myself, "Wow, she looks so good!" Just sayin'. - King Soopers Jen

Courtney said...

my eye does that thing, too! but the other eye. of course it does, right?? :-)