Friday, May 10, 2013

two and a fourth

this happened yesterday:

and i'm not quite sure how because i just took this picture last week. 

they measure them on the first and last day of school and avery has grown 2 and 1/4 inches since august.
that's just crazy.
i'm sure it's normal, but it truly blows my mind.  2 and 1/4 inches taller in less than a year.  wow. 

avery had her awana award ceremony on wednesday night.
 waiting to get her book 1 ribbon

sweet, sweet girl. 

look at that sea of sparkies! 

proud of her ribbon!

she had a cousin fan club, plus sweet little julia kunstle.  

way to go avery girl, it's kinda freakin' me out how fast you're growing, but i'm so proud of you. 

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Laura said...

She really does look older!