Tuesday, June 25, 2013

10 years

today's a normal day. 
we did some school, played in the pool and now the kids are sleeping off their grandma and grandpa time. :)

i miss being with him 24 hours a day.  the past five days were so fun. 

we kicked off our 5 days with no kids at the er at midnight on our anniversary.  fever and face pain can mean only one thing.  
sinus infection.  
i've had a few of those in my day and really, i was just grateful to get the meds. 

friday morning with a fresh batch of antibiotics in my system, we headed north for 2 nights in denver.  
first stop? 

we got settled in our hotel room

and then went to see world war z.  really good. and i'm not really even into zombies ;)

we came back, changed clothes and headed to pearl street and ate at the kitchen.
so yum. 
great atmosphere. 
better conversation.
it was a long dinner of cutting steak and sipping wine and chatting away.  
definitely my favorite little piece of our weekend. 

here's my favorite picture.
"happy anniversary to us"

after dinner, we walked around pearl street and watch some pretty great street performers, there was even a college girl playing amazing grace on the marimba's.  my grandpa used to play those! 

the pool area was really nice at the hotel. 

the delectable egg in downtown denver. 
we ate here on our five year anniversary trip. 

dave snapped this as we were leaving on sunday.
goodbye wonderful hotel room. 

we got home and still had 24 hours without the kids, so we cleaned our garage and our crawl space.  
it felt great to be so productive after lounging around for 3 days :)

i really miss dave today.  it's amazing how quickly i got used to having uninterrupted time with him 24 hours a day.

marriage really does keep getting sweeter. 


sandi elsberry said...

It looks like you had a great time. And yes Mandy, marriage keeps getting sweeter and sweeter. Love you both!

Courtney Cassada said...

sounds great! i love the idea of getting home and STILL Having time together!

Laura said...

That sounds amazing!! I understand about missing the hubby. I am always so sad when his time off comes to an end or time alone for us comes to an end. It is nice to escape the real world for a few days. Happy Anniversary!!!

Miss G said...

Late commenter here!

Looks like such a fun anniversary weekend! Happy TEN!! We really like Snooze! Haven't been to delectable egg. Will have to check it out. We really like Jelly too! We went to Denver for an overnight before baby girl came! Kelly