Wednesday, June 19, 2013

cousin carnival

this was our second annual cousin carnival and already my kids tell people "we do this EVERY year"  i love the way traditions are working their way into their hearts.  

i set up a few games in my backyard, give all the adults a job and then arm the kids with tickets to go play the games.  they have to earn enough quarters to buy themselves dinner at the concession stand.  

uncle don is a terrific face painter. 

grandma manned the penny drop

uncle dave was on the animal knock down game.

aunt erin manned the soccer game.

libby manned the cash register after everyone earned their quarters. 

i read them a sweet little circus book.  

and impromptu water gun fight broke out. 

and then grandpa got suited up for pies in the face. 

 he got scared and tried to escape, but the cousins weren't about to let that happen.

dave even got in on the fun.  he is such a good sport :)

the grand finale is funnel cakes!

love this night SO much.
it is so special to watch these memories being etched onto all of their little hearts.  


Laura said...

What a great tradition!! What an awesome job, Mandy!!

Dani Wiemer said...

Ed pre pie in the garbage bag is one of the best pictures ever! Looks like fun!