Friday, June 14, 2013

never has rain been more beautiful

it's been a very surreal week here in colorado.
the black forest fire has been the most destructive fire in colorado history.
a lot of our friends have been either pre-evacuated or evacuated from their homes.
it's been so eery all week knowing that a fire is raging in our city just a few miles away.

thankfully today the weather is cooler and we've been getting a little bit of rain.  hoping the fire fighters make huge progress over the next 24 hours.


now that i actually take pictures on my phone, i need to dump them on here every once and a while i guess.

one afternoon ian was wanting me to hold him so i put him in the ergo.  he did not like it one bit.  :(  i made dave take a picture and then he wanted out of there.  

so this might be the last picture of me with one of my babies in the ergo.  i sure loved that thing. 

ashton finished one of her work books and got to pick out ice cream!

dave took us to steak n shake on my birthday.  yum. 

emery's barn yard birthday party. 

avery's birthday balloon and donut.

frosting the cupcakes for her party. 

chloe and ashton are grandma's little helpers.  they are just about the same size and so cute in their matching dresses. 

we microwaved three bars of ivory soap and then played with them in the water table outside.

don't mind avery's amish dress up clothes ;)

the kids playing in the sand pit daddy made for them. 
they love that thing. 

ash and emery at vbb. 

getting all signed up for the reading program at the library.
a chart and the promise of prizes makes avery a reading phenom. 

avery at vbb. 

very weird and emotional to not be involved with vbb this year.  first one in 12 years that i haven't led.  wowsers.  i am so glad the girls got to go.  they had the best time.

right now the kids are all asleep, it's 4:12 and it's DARK outside.  thunder and rain and coffee. :)  perfect summer afternoon.  so thankful for the rain, i hope it's dumping over the fire.

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