Wednesday, June 12, 2013

when avery turned 6

before i became a mom, i was convinced that i would be so good, so natural, so go with the flow.  i mean, i worked with kids, i wrote curriculum for kids, it was my job to know how to train and hang and love on kiddos.

and then this one came along.

and everything changed.  i was nuts when she was a baby.  did you know me then?  i was a psycho.
about naps and nursing and solid food and well, just about everything.  oh my.

a hello kitty birthday party on her birthday with cousins and some sweet friends and family!

libby is so kind and generous.  she is the best biggest cousin. 

she gets the brunt of all my mistakes and failures.
she's the one i try all my new techniques and philosophies on. (ha! this sentence sounds so nerdy and control freakish)

girl legos are super fun. 

6 years of avery have made their mark on my life.

she propels me to jesus.
she amazes me with her thought processes and zest for life.

daddy does the chalk art in this family.
he's pretty much good at everything he does.
it's kind of sexy and annoying all at the same time ;)

if i ever once thought that i could do anything on my own strength, this little girl is such a good reminder that i need Him.  every hour, i need Him.

the infamous red robin birthday song and sundae. 

flash back.  
avery and ally at red robin for ally and kady's 5th birthday.  
 photo IMG_4547-1.jpg

my relationship with God is fresh and new and growing and changing because of her.  i am more reliant on Him and more aware of the Holy Spirit's leading than i've ever been.

what a gift.  what a profound joy.

the cousins made it to avery's last soccer game!

2 spots left at soccer camp.  
mon july 29th through thursday aug 1st.

her awesome daughter, lauren, will be helping me run drills.  she plays for pride and has lots of experience herding her brothers and sisters ;)

here is my fun roster of kiddos!

asher finzel
jack white
lucy white
jayce campbell
alyssa walker
isaiah clapp
jonathan shumaker
hunter moffat
avery houle
ashton houle

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Raleigh said...

avery's getting all leggy! growth spurt!