Tuesday, July 30, 2013

on antibiotics

day 2 of camp went well.  lauren clapp is a huge help with our crew of 13 4-6 year olds.  isaiah keeps everyone in stitches and both jack and the aves are serious about this soccer playing business.  they are all adorable and i am praying that the truth of colossians 3:23 (our camp verse) will resonate in them throughout their lives.  because it is true you know, everything we do really can be done for Him.

the last month, ever since i ended up in the er for antibiotics for my sinus infection, has been a rough one physically.  i'm not a big fan of antibiotics.  i mean, i am, in the moment of course, but these past few weeks have me determined to fight hard not to have to be on them again.

2 weeks after i finished a round of antibiotics for my sinus infection, i developed a very bad urinary tract infection.  i fought for almost 3 full days, but in the end i think my immune system was shot from the first round and i couldn't fight it off and it was painful.  (i even read that a lot of women develop uti's after a round of antibiotics)    i ended up back in the er and was prescribed more antibiotics.  ugh.

when those antibiotics were gone, i was still having symptoms but was determined not to take any more antibiotics. geez.  as i was fighting the uti symptoms, my sinus infection symptoms were coming back.  good grief.  i was mad and frustrated and nervous that i would never be rid of these two nasty bacterial infections and that i would be on antibiotics for the rest of my antibiotic shortened life.

i was sharing my woes during life group and elaina introduced me to the wonder that is collodial silver.  have ya'll heard of this stuff?  most powerful, natural antibiotic ever.

here's what i started doing and hopefully it'll help some of ya'll get over those nasty infections without killing your immune system with antibiotics:

for my uti:

(drink a full glass of water every 20 minutes throughout the day)

full glass of water with a teaspoon of collodial silver and a teaspoon of chopped garlic cloves (this is to KILL bacteria)

one hour later drink a full glass of water with d-mannose powder and 3 or 4 cranberry pills (this is to FLUSH OUT bacteria)

one hour later do the silver and garlic again.

one hour later do the d-mannose powder and cranberry pills again.

intermittently i would also drink apple cider vinegar and a packet of emergency.

for my sinus infection:

gargle (and then swallow) apple cider vinegar 3 times a day

use a netipot filled with water plus collodial silver 3 times a day.

and i was already taking garlic and silver for my uti, but i would also do that for this as well.

and for both, find a very good probiotic, in the refrigerated part of the health store vitamins, and take those 2-3 times a day.

ugh.  being sick in the summer is not fun, but i'm thankful that i have some tools to help me fight these things on my own.


Heidi said...

Great ideas! You should totally come to my essential oils class on August 15th to add a few more tools to your natural healing arsenal! I love colloidal silver and ACV for sinus infections - but I love NO SINUS INFECTIONS more..... Thanks for leading soccer camp for my little shot of intensity (and his sister :)

Heidi said...

I will have lots of oils classes, so I'll make sure you know about the next one. :) Hope you have fun with Matt and Rocio!