Monday, July 29, 2013

ian's first drum lesson and other things

well, our summer is chugging along at a lightning fast pace, as i'm sure ya'lls are.  we are moving seamlessly from one thing to the next and 'tis super fun but i'd be lying if i said if all the rain we've been having isn't making me pumped for fall and routine and homeschool schedules. :)  plus i picked up all of this first grade goodness at rmca last week.  giddy, i tell you.

sandwiches and yogurt for half of the cousin crew.

i made TONS of cloud dough and had the cousins over for a cloud dough party.  they got to work making ice cream cones and cupcakes. this stuff is so fun to play with.  8 parts flour to 1 part oil.  i added cocoa powder for the chocolate one and some strawberry frosting packets (at walmart in the baking section) to the strawberry one.

i don't have pictures of the actual party because, well, there were 8 children playing with cloud dough at my house. ;)

last week was cousins, this week is soccer camp.  our first day went so great, i really enjoy it so much.

we got some new-to-us pseudo matching stripe shirts from the cousins and we tried the side pony do on the girls yesterday.

funny and cute.  :)

and dave now has his drum set set up in the garage, making it a fun new spot for father/son bonding.  

i mean, seriously.
cute, right!?!

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