Friday, July 19, 2013

our cousins are back

we are etching more cousin memories this week.  

i really am all sappy watching them run around laughing and making up games together.  i'm just so very thankful my kids childhood memories will include cousin time.  

erin's kids are all so kind and generous, i suppose living in africa has a way of building up thankfulness, even at young ages. 

grandpa treated us all to a day at north pole.  we were there for 7 hours.  craziness!  and the kids all did great.  ian's favorite was the race cars.  i'm pretty sure he actually thought he was driving the thing. 

i have no pictures of this, but we also took everyone up to float down the south platte river.  have you ever done this?  it was SO fun.  gandma and grandpa provided the tubes and the transportation.  they dropped us off, we got it and floated down the river and then they drove back down to the spot where we'd get out.  what a blast.  

last night we took everyone on a big ol' family walk to jimmy sweets.  

jimmy was really happy to see this crew coming to help keep him in business.  

i haven't put on here yet that avery lost her first "real" tooth last week!  she pulled it out herself.  it's super embarrassing because she's been telling people: 

"i lost my first tooth!  well, my first REAL tooth, i did loose one other tooth, but that was because it got infected and the dentist had to PULL it out, so this is really the first tooth that i actually lost."  

mother of the year, i tell you. 

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Laura said...

You have to tell me more about floating down the river. That sounds like something my family would enjoy!!