Friday, July 12, 2013

on praying simple prayers

some thoughts and things He's been teaching me lately, sprinkled with some summer photos.  

God's been blowing my mind lately while i've been praying.

pool and water guns while daddy loads some rocks in the background. 

i love how gentle He is.  how He asks us the right questions at the right times and all of a sudden our eyes are opened to something new and it's astounding and freeing and we can't believe we've never thought about it that way before.

we pulled out our new to us pattern blocks from the laura fowler.  the girls had a ball this morning.  

i was praying for some pretty specific things kind of desperately.  i really felt like God needed to answer me. these things need to happen, they have too.

free slurpees at 7 11 on 7/11.  so fun. 

and oh the power of a little one worded question "why?".

this is my solace. 
in the early mornings.
in the late afternoons.
whenever it rains.  
i LOVE sitting on the front porch in the summer.  
yard project still under way :)

it was so loud in my mind, in my heart. "why do you think these things need to happen?"

making dinner with a little train conductor at my feet. 

"well, you want us to have peace, right? and hope?  and joy?  so these things need to happen so that we can have those.  if you answer these prayers then the peace will come.  i just know it."

we're giving our old costumes to baby emi. 
they all three wore tigger when they were 1 year and 1/2 -2 years. avery wanted to try it on one more time.  

and then came the beautiful, heavy answer.

we got free chicken nuggets at chic fil a today and then went to uncle wilbur's fountain.

"then ask me for those things...if it's peace you want, ask for that, don't ask for what you think will give you peace, just straight up ask for peace."

and it's true, this drum He's been banging on in my heart for the past two years, the miracle is right there, right where the peace and hope and joy come, but the circumstance doesn't change or shift it the way you'd like it to.

i love how it never, ever, ever is about the actual circumstance.  it never is.  it's about His presence.  it's all about His presence.

praying just got more simple and more powerful.

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Miss G said...

Great post, Mandy. Good things to remember! Kelly