Monday, July 8, 2013

summer things

 i am moving s l o w today.  

we've been doing another big push in the lawn department. 
i'm pretty sure our neighbors are rejoicing now that we are making some landscaping progress.  everyone stops by on their evening walks to say things like "good job" or "that's a lot of work" or "what's the plan?".  

a couple years ago dave built a massive retaining wall in our back yard.  it's a really great wall.  we're proud of it.  
and now he's finished a mini retaining wall in the front yard.  it looks great.
now it's just a matter of hauling about a trillion buckets of rock from the back yard to the front.
he worked for 5 hours yesterday and only finished a small piece of the area that needs to be filled in.

i've managed to pull him away from yard work for some fun over the past few days. 

ice cream cones on the front step. 

a family walk to jimmy sweets

fourth of july breakfast treat. 

while dave was working, avery set up a little rock shop in our driveway. 

unfortunately, no one was looking for rocks that day. 

cousin ben was in town visiting his niece, emi and so we had some family over for pizza and s'mores. 
 my kids adore ben. 

 they all love aunt fay too. 

avery decided that this just might be a good crowd to sell rocks to.

she made a whole dollar.

let's see, ash and ian are asleep, avery's drawing, and i'm about to make tacos to fuel us for an evening of rock hauling.  such fun over here. :)


Laura said...

I could bring some strong kids over to haul rocks for you!! We could come over Wed. to help if you would like. We are open most of the day! I am totally serious!! Let me know.

Raleigh said...

Is Jimmy's Sweets new? I don't remember it! Looks like a great summer. =)

Miss G said...

Is Jimmy Sweets good? I've wondered if we should go. We were sad when we saw Ines closed. We only went there once but the food was SOO good! And the people so nice! Hope you're having a GREAT summer! Kelly