Tuesday, July 2, 2013

some of our summer

i love it when she reads to her

north cheyenne canyon for family fun day.  can you see dave and ash and ian down there?

ice cream!

some father's day goodness.
he's the best one. 

playing card games with the grandma's while i cooked the father's day feast. 

such a FUN time at mark and danielle's.  look at all of those cuties!
have you ever heard danielle tell the asher poop story?  oh. my. word. 

he's so handsome. 

i mean really, so hot. 

dave tore out the huge, nasty bushes that were in front of our house and then he and his dad rented a trailer and hauled them out of here.  good riddance. 

a barrel full of grandkids. 

summer school. shhhhh don't tell her that most kids don't do school in the summer...she hasn't figured that out yet ;)

girl is a mean time teller these days. 

wanna know who we made welcome home signs for?
my wonderful cousin kayla had a sweet baby girl on sunday!  
i was just down the hall when she was born and boy was it stressful.  
she is here and perfect and it is thrilling to see kayla and luis be mommy and daddy to precious emi!

they adore her!  lots of love for this little girl. 

ashton is my consistent dinner helper.  

one day i'll miss having her up on the counter with me every night. 

avery prefers to be outside in the MUD instead of inside helping with dinner.  
wowsers. she had so much fun. 

i'm loving this summer with my kids.  they are all getting big but are still pretty little.  trying to hold on to all of these moments flying by me.

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