Wednesday, August 21, 2013

did i mention we are sucking the life out of this summer?

 cuz we are. 

it was 92 degrees yesterday and i hadn't ever taken the kids to our little neighborhood pool.

we had a ball.  avery was swimming like a fish and this one started swimming under water without plugging her nose! yay ash!

it was not crowded at all and so quiet.  my mom left and dave came to join us after work.  we literally had the place to ourselves for an hour.  sweet, sweet memory.  

and oh my word has this one ever taken off with her reading.  she got her hands on some magic tree house and box car children books and i can hardly get her to stop.

i snapped this one this morning after she had been reading for an hour in bed and i was trying to figure out if i should have her stop reading so we could start school.  

good grief i love her. 

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