Tuesday, August 20, 2013

the one with random summer pictures

i've got three little "no cavity club" kiddos.  hallelujah. 

eating free tacos at the "train park", courtesy of ppld reading program.

trying on grandma's reading glasses. 

deer field spray ground. 


we had such a great time in buena vista.

love this little room in the cabin.
it was perfect for the girls. 

oh my goodness.  that river is so beautiful and powerful.
we got to watch kayakers try to ride this one rapid over and over.  
we all loved it. 

 while we were in b.v. they were having the gold rush days and somehow my mother talked us all into old time photos.  hilarious. 

i think ashton's face is perfect in this pic. :)

my brother was supposed to be the town drunk.  ha!

so thankful that we were able to spend time with matt and rocio, it's such a blessing that even though they live as far away as they could possibly live from colorado, they still make it a priority to come be with family.  they've lived in indo for 3 years and each year they've come back twice.  wowsers.  my kids adore, adore, adore them.  m and r, you will be sorely missed around here. :)

every one seems to think summer is over, but we have a week of downtime and cleaning and school and then the cousins come back for one more stint of memory making before they go back to ghana.

we are sucking the life out of the 2013 summer. :)

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