Thursday, October 24, 2013

when God slays goliath

it was february in florida and we were in the walmart parking lot.

when there's nothing better to do around here, we do school. 

it was just her and i, we had left our collective 4 children back at our little vacation home with dave and don and grandma and grandpa.  avery was 8 months old and erin was pregnant with chloe and toby.

ashton is making a do-a-dot letter book. 

our mission at walmart was to gather supplies for a little Happy 3rd Birthday party for kady and ally.  their biggest birthday present being that we were all in florida together, perusing the disney parks.  oh what fun.

i seriously never knew math could be so fun. 

so it was just the two of us, in the car, looking for a parking spot and a song comes on the radio and she turns it up loud and she begins to tell me of their dream as a family.  the dream to build these vehicles, the dream to provide jobs and help the economic atmosphere somewhere in africa,  the dream to move their family there.

 cashing in tickets earned from doing chores at family night. 
i'll share what we are doing soon because it's working.  yay! 

and the tears start to come because the dream doesn't make much sense and she doesn't know how and the timing isn't right and the dream of africa feels like one big goliath.

bedtime readers

the song is almost to the chorus now and she tells me to listen hard to the lyrics.

"the giant's calling out to  me,  'you'll never win'
the voice of truth, tells me a different story
the voice of truth, says do not be afraid."

and she says this is their song, because africa is a giant and they feel as small as a shepherd boy, but the truth  david called out to the philistines thousands of years ago is the same truth today....

ashton kate messing with mommy's phone at avery's cold soccer practice

"it's not how strong you are, or how many swords you have that will save you, it is God who saves you.  this is God's battle and God always wins his battles."

i drop avery off at school early this morning and that song, the one i heard for the first time 5 years ago in a rental van in the middle of orlando, comes on the radio and though i've not thought of that conversation with erin in years, it comes flooding back to me and i can't help but weep and turn it up loud and thank Jesus for the voice of truth that sustained them as they waited on their dreams.  

you do know they are in ghana, right? they live there.  and you do know they are building vehicles and are employing some local ghanians, right?  

 my friends, do you know what happens when we wait on God?  He slays goliath.....

follow this dream that is unfolding in ghana, africa.  it is beautiful. 


Erin said...

Tears were flowing in my dining room today with I read this. are AMAZING! Thank you for reminding me how big my God God slays GIANTS!!!

addyandwest said...

this made me cry! indeed, our God slays giants and is faithful to ALL His promises! so happy, expectant, and blessed by erin and don and their sweet family!