Monday, October 28, 2013

the one with the spilled smoothie

it's monday.

this morning i was drowning in my give thanks for everything in every moment ann voskamp trance and then ashton spilled her entire glass of kale/spinach these are your veggies for the day smoothie.  and i tried, i seriously tried to give thanks, i said Jesus over and over under my breath begging for His perspective.  and then i threw the block of cheese i was holding down on the ground.  and then you say "you probably just dropped it, mandy."  and i say "no, i did not drop it. i threw it."  please still be my friend. 

and omg, it's just a spilled smoothie.  she's four.  she's red headed and adorable and i can't wait to get her dolled up as dorothy for halloween and she. is. four.  and why do i get angry over spilled smoothies?  i feel like i haven't learned a thing.
when the play room is clean and the girls are coloring and saying things like "good job, ash!" and  "that's pretty, avery!" i can totally have thanks.  we're working on other times that aren't as precious as that.  oh my stars i have a long way to go. 

we went to the pumpkin patch in larkspur.

why is it always so windy at these things!?

their favorite was the corn box. 

on the hay ride they told us to spot the animals.  and they were plastic ones set up in the grass.  fun-ny. 

the pony rides and pumpkins were not included in the admission price.  say what?  but i'm choosing to give thanks so here goes.
the kids had a ball.
we got half price tickets back in the day.
and really, who cares about the wind?
(okay that last one was a stretch)

there is not many sights i love more.
wood fires are a serious high for me.  

we celebrated both of dave's parents a couple weeks ago.

what a great picture this is!  love it! 

we are selling ian (and ashton's) crib on craigslist.  do any of ya'll need one? i give friends good deals ;)

look at this big boy.  he's finally out of his crib and has done great! hasn't gotten out once.  sweet boy. 

i am a big fan of the fact that His mercies are new every morning.
I believe that God is making me new with each breath, with each spilled smoothie, with each whisper of His name.
and tomorrow, i try again.


Laura said...

We went to that pumpkin patch last year with really high hopes. It is definitely not designed for older kids. The only way we could recover was to take them to Chick-fil-a. They begged us not to go to anymore pumpkin patches again this year. Makes me sad. I may just load the 3 younger ones up and head to Happy Apple Farm with them. I love that place!!

Holly said...

oh gosh. I'll still be your friend.
if you'll still be mine!?
(yesterday, in one of those same 'moments' I told one of my girls to "GO GET YOUR 'D**N" Awana book!"

It was with teeth gritted and under my breath so not sure they would have totally comprehended but really Holly? Really?)

we all need forgiveness and it goes deeper in our hearts than we all ever see on the surface of one another.....

He forgives you...he forgives me.