Tuesday, October 29, 2013

at our house

i'm sure you'd all like to know what is better than a spilled green smoothie.

a thrown up one.

our plans of stores and libraries and we need to get of this house errand runs were sidelined after ashton's blended kale and spinach did not do it's job of staying inside of her.

"can i look at pictures on your phone?"

apparently, i have way more compassion and grace and love toward a thrown up smoothie than a spilled one.  so that's good. 

 a sidelined morning isn't all bad. 

he loves his blankie. 

 avery tried to cheer up our sickie with some snow white dance moves. 

did you know avery got her hair cut?
 it was kinda long ;)



i have some weird emotional thing about cutting the girls hair.
the first time i cut avery's on my own was tramatic.
in an attempt to keep getting it more and more even, it got way too short and i was so sad.
then when ashton had her little 2 year old mullet, i cut off the long little strands in the back and immediately regretted it. i missed braiding those teeny tiny braids.  

it definitely needed to be trimmed, but i did not want it short.  
they did a great job, it looks great. even added a little bit of layers and texturized it a bit on the ends so it wasn't just a straight, blunt cut.  

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