Sunday, November 3, 2013

we carved a pumpkin and dressed in costumes

we carved a pumpkin last week for family night.  dave did the little pumpkin/jack-o-lantern devotional with the kids. 


nobody really wanted to help dig out all the nastiness.

but we made them. 

ian was seriously disturbed by this tradition. 


this cracks me up of ian.

"what are we doing!?!"

after all of the gooey pumpkinness, we threw them in the tub.
the red is from bath markers, kinda nasty. 

it's been forever since the three of them took a bath together.  the aves has been taking showers these days.  

here we have glenda and dorothy.  do you know who glenda is in the wizard of oz?  avery was so very sad that people didn't know who she was ;)

and i just have to say that i have never seen a cuter dorothy. good grief. 

we went up to the fowlers and trick or treated with the fowlers, clapps and cute little shandon grafton.

and we can't forget mister lion.  earlier that morning, we were in the car taking avery to school and talking about what a busy day we were going to have and ian pipes in and says "mommy, after we get avery from school, are you going to take us to halloween?"  cutest. 

 had to try to snap a pic of that cute little tail. 

i convinced ian to ditch trick or treating early to go play with trains at aunt laura's house. :)  i'm smart. 

and friday night was the infamous party at g and e's.  twas fabulous as usual.  i have NO pictures, when i get some i'll definitely put them up here!  (don't worry, mel!)

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Melissa/Mel said...

thank you for the assurance that pictures are coming cause when i read, "there are no pictures" from the costume party i thought, "WHAT?!?! how can there not be pictures" thankfully i only had to live in that sad world for a quick moment :)