Monday, January 13, 2014


trying to get the rest of the random pictures on here from the end of 2013.

on new years day, mom and dad took us to The Play at the broadmoor.  it's a casual dining restaurant (i mean, casual for the broadmoor, which means it's still super fancy) with a bowling alley in it.  we ate and then bowled!  so fun. 

then we ran in to ed, sharon, ben and sarah walking around at the broadmoor. 
ashton LOVES to cuddle with her aunt sharon. 

matt and rocio always bring the kids lots of fun new movies.
uncle matt likes to check them out with his nieces and nephew.

a table full of games and legos and playdoh.

we went ice skating again!  so fun. 

right before christmas, ashton finished one of her workbooks!  she picked out strawberry popsicles to celebrate! 

avery is getting creative with these new building discs from grandma nancy. 

playing the ice cream game with our new friend leighann and gg elaine. 

my sweet grandma gave me a wonderful foot rub one afternoon at mom and dad's.  it was wonderful.  for lots of reasons. ;)

getting back into our school groove. 
math equations. 

math puzzles

and crafting ice cream cones. 

avery reading from one of our bible books. 

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