Wednesday, January 15, 2014

when parenting is for the birds

yesterday, homeschooling was for the birds.
actually, parenting was for the birds. 

there were some, ahem, incidents, and so when dave got home, he may or may not have walked in on a meltdown, and then i bolted out the door to go meet with her.

and man, it's good to have a friend who you've known for more than half of your life. i can be my truest self when i'm with danielle and that's a gift.

then, i got home to a clean and quiet house, the coffee was set up, the dishes were put away and there were notes like this on the dining room table.

david houle is a good man. 

and so today, i took a deep breath, lots of them, really, and enjoyed the view at my house.

because though it can be chaotic and frustrating and exhausting sometimes.

God is so good to remind me of why i love having them all at home with me.

what a deep privilege it truly is. 


Courtney Cassada said...

yesterday was my first hard homeschooling day. i didn't like it. i'm pretty sure he didn't either. but it ended. and today was better. and life moved on. i need to remember that. life will move on...

Holly said...

with ya on this sister....I get so many notes like that!!!! I hate/love them ;-)