Sunday, January 26, 2014

the ms. mandy date

these girls have no idea how much it means to me that this ms. mandy date has lasted all these years, how back when they were few and they were small, i had no idea that we would still be laughing and singing our way through colorado springs, hitting up fargos, then starbucks and finally the broadmoor.  in that exceptions.  right, girls?  they are particular about their traditions....which i, of course, absolutely love.

this year we had to wait an extra long time for our date.  first there was a certain ballerina who practices a billion times in december for a stunning performance in the nutcracker, then someone was halfway across the world through christmas serving and blessing the last and the least and finally we had a pesky snow storm that caused me to postpone AGAIN...but we were finally all together and it finally happened. 

we have to take two cars now, but it's become tradition to call each other with games and riddles. so fun.
the four littlest.  it's a super big deal that they get root beer on this night :)

when they were all small, i gave them quarters to spend in the arcade and they USED to use them on candy and small plastic toys....but now they use them to buy pictures from the photo booth, gumballs and tiny plastic pigs have lost their appeal ;)
the barista's love it when we come in..."um, can i have 10 caramel apple ciders, please?"

dancing in the ballroom at the broadmoor
this was ashton's first time on the girls date.  so fun that aves and ash get to be a part of this special night.
ahhhh, syd and stash, how i love you.
we sat in a room at the broadmoor and shared verses that have impacted us this past year.

what a blessing it is to still play a small role in these girls lives.

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