Tuesday, February 25, 2014

drama at the library

did you guys know that we spent 2ish years blissfully unaware that the east library had computers towards the back of the children's section?

during the good ole days, as i like to call them, my kids would play with the felt board thing, or the fake food, or the puzzles, or actually bring me books to read to them.  i know, i know, that last one's a shocker for AT THE LIBRARY.

then one fateful day, they traipsed back there and lo and behold! there were COMPUTERS!  and KIDS on the computers!  and kids playing GAMES on the computers!

"mommmmyyyyy, we want to play games on the computers too."

completely changes the library experience for me.

and so i made a new rule.
you can not play games on the computer until you bring me wonderful books and then READ some of them.

now that's better. 

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Miss G said...

David is vaguely aware but thankfully doesn't yet ask to use them!!! It would be fun to see you guys there sometime! Kelly