Friday, March 14, 2014

a very loved homeschool day

i am pretty sure that this past tuesday was my favorite homeschool day of this school year.

we are reading the rag coat. 
it is such a sweet little book. 
the little family lives in the Appalachian mountains and their daddy works in the coal mines. 

i declared last tuesday our coal day and we did a bunch of hands on learning about coal.

we watched videos of how coal is formed.

we made our own "coal"

 we made coal cookies. 

those were yummy and definitely NOT whole 30! :)
here ian crushes graham crackers for the base of our cookies

while the cookies baked, we watch some videos about the deep coal mines and i made a "coal mine" in ian's room.  we even had different "stages" of our coal mine just like from the video.

i hid the "coal" that the kids made and they had to go mining for it. 

ian and ash didn't want to wear all of the gear and wanted big sis to come with them in the "mine"

then grandma came and we went to the library!
look at that concentration. don't worry this was after sufficient reading time. :)

dave and i bought the planet earth dvds a LONG time ago and i decided to bring them out and start watching them with the kids after dinner that night.  they loved the first one, avery especially!  those will be so fun to watch together.

after planet earth, avery spent some time reading some of our new library books to ashton.  

it really was such a sweet day.
it's sometimes easy to get bogged down with all of the things you HAVE to do for homeschooling that it's hard to remember to take time to do the things you WANT to do with homeschooling.  
my heart needed a day like that.  
so fun. 

i am also working feverishly on the raffle post!  it's coming on monday.  oh my goodness i am so excited and so nervous.  there are just LOADS of great, fun, unique stuff to bid on.  if you get on here early on monday, and are the first to bid on an item, your name will go into the drawing twice for that item.  the early bird gets the worm, or fancy applique t-shirt....

heaven is coming down.
clean water for everyone.


Courtney said...

i loved reading about your day!! thanks for sharing!

Amanda said...

We love Planet Earth! You should check out Human Planet too - we love that one even more!!

Laura said...

You were created to homeschool for sure!! Your children are very blessed!