Tuesday, March 11, 2014


okay, i've gotten several questions about whether or not we are raising money for clean water and jobs through a raffle again this year or just celebrating what we did last year.

the answer is, YES, we are doing another raffle.  it will start next monday, march 17th and last 6 days.  i would love for you to come back here on monday and see what the raffle has in store for you this year.  you could win some amazing things.  in my humble opinion, it is the best raffle line up we've had so far.  and all of the money goes to what the adventure project is doing to create jobs and clean water.  i will have more info soon, but i would love to have some of ya'll help me spread the word.  next monday, march 17th would you kindly consider sending people here to see the raffle and bid on some items?  you could mass email your family or direct people here through your status on fb or go shout it from a mountain somewhere.

let me know if you're willing to broadcast our raffle and you can come to our water party too.

3 important dates coming up.

monday, march 17th:  water raffle begins

friday, march 21st:  world water day open house at my house from 10-1

saturday, march 22nd: world water day!  we will wrap up the raffle and select winners of all of the crazy good items!  yee-haw.

much love.
thanks for being a part of this with me again.

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