Monday, March 10, 2014

at our house

i took the kids to whit's end last week during a random afternoon rain that quickly turned into snow.

avery got a hold of my phone and kindly took some pictures of mr. whittaker

and connie.
and a whole host of other odyssey characters...message me if you want to see them. 

this was ian's first day in his first REAL preschool book. 

be still my heart. 

daddy helps the aves write in her new diary from grandma.

our first lent devotional on ash wednesday.

finding their verses wrapped in the bread.

here is the devotional with the blue food coloring turning all of the water, you guessed it, blue!

we poured some bleach in the water and all of the blue went away. 

if you're reading between the lines here, you'll see that the blue is our sin and the bleach is JESUS. :)  
so fun. 

dave let me have all night with danielle on friday. 
dinner AND dessert.  
this was a late birthday date for dan and it was fabulous.
love her so, so much. 

i thought we could get away with painting a bleach/water mixture on our shirts for today's devotional.

it bled way too much.  

 but it worked and was cool and fun.
we may get another shirt from the dollar store and try it again with an actual bleach pen.

we made these on sunday.  
i don't have pictures of the kids making them, because there was a little thing called a glue gun involved, and also, they didn't really make them. 
but i did and they love them.
we're going to paint them tomorrow.  

so, next friday, march 21st i'm having an open house from 10-1.  food, coffee, bring your kids, celebrate world water day. :)  yay!

would you comment or email or facebook me to let me know if you plan on coming and how many kids you'll have?

thanks so much. 

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