Wednesday, March 5, 2014

on ash wednesday and other random pictures from our week

dave and i went to an ash wednesday service this afternoon put on by new life down town.  it was rich with tradition, but in a fresh way that dave and i both appreciated.   life before christ was brutal, harsh, impossible, really.  and to remember all that christ took upon himself in his walk to the cross is very somber, but you know what's amazing?  all of that darkness and harshness and death, even, died with him on that cross.  when he arose, he brought LIFE and JOY and HOPE.  there is now NO CONDEMNATION.  we repent, not in order to gain forgiveness, but because we are indescribably thankful for the grace and mercy and forgiveness he has ALREADY shown us. 

it is done.
it is finished. 
we are no longer sinners, but saints clothed in His righteousness.
i can hardly take it in. 

what a beautiful time of year this is.  i can't wait to introduce some new traditions with the kids tonight.


avery finished her first life of fred book. (these are fun living math books that avery can do on her own while i work with ash or them).

she chose ice cream sandwiches for her treat! 

i took ian on a mommy date and he wanted to go to "the train store"  which is really just mardels.  he's hilarious, i mean, we have tons of tracks and trains at our house, but he stood here and played with these trains for an hour.  he didn't want me to play with him, "just watch me, mommy."
and, you guys, these girls can create some of the most magical moments in our days.  in this picture they are listening to an adventures in odyssey, ash is looking at library books and avery is braiding yarn.  i sometimes hate to post pictures like this, because i'm sure 5 minutes after this there was fighting and yelling, but this moment right here was pretty magical.

and this.
you will not be sorry if you watch this.

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