Tuesday, March 4, 2014

come to my house

last year, you and i and a whole bunch of other folks raised MORE than enough money to sponsor a super well on ungandan soil.

this well provides jobs.
this well provides accountability.
this well bring hope and dignity to a community.

and i pray that this well also flows, not just with water, but with living water.  my prayer is that it doesn't just speak hope, but speaks of the giver of hope.

may all who drink from this well know that hope has a name and that His name is Jesus.

i'm insanely proud of what the water raffle accomplished last year.  all of us, giving some of ourselves amounts to much.  and we proved it.

i think that last year's raffle is indeed something to be celebrated.  if you did anything AT ALL for the raffle last year, bid on an item, donated an item, whatever.....then would you kindly mark Friday, March 21st down on your calendar?  i will be hosting an open house from 10-1 on that day to celebrate what God did last year and thank Him for what He's going to do this year.

there will be coffee.
and lots of food.
and perhaps an activity or two. (please still come)
and i want you to bring your kids, we're going to involve them a bit this year and i'm excited.

i would love an rsvp at some point so that i can have enough of everything. ;)

thank you for joining me in world water day fun.
excited to partner with all of you again this year.

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Becky Straw said...

As usual, you are incredible. I hope we can meet sometime, Mandy! Love your heart. (ps - details coming soon)!!