Monday, March 3, 2014

oh, beautiful

avery had a little choir performance at our homeschool school the other night.

this was right before she went on!

watching our star performer

waiting to go back up on stage

that handsome young man standing next to her is tisha's boy.  so fun. 

our group of avery fans. 

we love our oldest so much. :)

here's a little glimpse of her performance...

and, oh my gosh, the way the sun hits them reading together on the couch early on a lazy homeschool morning is just too much.  my heart is so full it could burst.  so very thankful for moments like these.  they keep me going.  

we got out all of the soccer gear today.  they all wanted their cleats on and to go have practice during their recess.  yay for soccer and warm days and yay that the month of february will soon be a distant memory.  it was a rough one, folks. 

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