Friday, February 28, 2014

there are always new dreams.

you guys, dreaming and planning are working their way back into my system.  i am so, so grateful.  in the depths of february and whole30 and sickness, i was beginning to think i that i was losing myself.  it's kind of silly how often i need to be reminded that there are always new mercies to hold; new dreams to dream.

i've been planning and prepping for our school year next fall. there is not much that gets me as excited as planning a new year of schooling.

these came in the mail for ash and ian.  i've told you about these books before, right?  if you have a 3/4/5 year old in your house and you are maybe interested in homeschooling, you should definitely go check these puppies out.  

so easy to do.  so colorful.  there are several pages that need stickers or cut outs and they are all right there for you in the back of the book.  zero prep.  hallelujah! you should also get the companion book. what your preschooler needs to know. on several of the activity pages it'll have you read a story or a poem or a science lesson from the read aloud book.  handy dandy.  wonderful preschool education. :)

these also came in the mail.  i've really enjoyed using the ultimate homeschool planner during this school year and i can't wait for avery to have her own student planner that kind of coincides with mine.  second grade may prove to be too young for this sort of thing, but we'll give it whirl

i've also started the initial prep for world water day.  my heart starts beating hard and fast every time february comes to a close.  i'm excited and nervous and wow, it's just so powerful to be a part of something way bigger than yourself and to come together with loads of people to bring liquid hope.

world water day is saturday, march 22nd and i'm planning a little open house the friday before.  if you were involved in world water day last year in any capacity, donated an item, bid on an item, whatever, then i want you to come to my house and bring your kiddos if you want to.  i'll have lots of food for us and our kiddos and lots of coffee, too.  lots more on that later, but if you want to be a part of it, you can go ahead and put that on your calendar.

it's been a beautiful day today!  this is how we dress in colorado when it's in the 50's.

happy planning and dreaming to you all!

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Miss G said...

Oh planning for a new school year!! I am reading a book right now about the Outdoor Classroom! Gets me all excited.

And world water day!!! So fun to start thinking about that! An open house sounds like so much fun. Kelly