Saturday, March 22, 2014

raffle round up

thanks for putting up with me this week, y'all.  i know that it was kind of confusing finding the right place to donate and fill out all of the stuff and then come make sure you got your bids in.  i so appreciate you all using your ninja computer skills to figure it out ;)

i'm just going to list items and how many bids they have and then you can get your last minute bids in today.
so fun to donate on the actual world water day.

the adventure project is closing in on their 14th re-established well.  we have an entire day to get 9 more wells restored in order to take advantage of the dollar for dollar match.

there are so many amazing people who are sponsoring there own campaigns through the adventure project.  i don't really care where you donate.  just come let me know if you want to get your name into the drawing and i'll trust you. ;)

here's the combined tap page.

here's becky straw's page (she's one of tap's co-founders and an incredible lady)

here's rudy's page (i played soccer with her in college and she just had her 3rd baby!)

okay, here we go.

you can still get two bids for one on these items.

12 month water drop onesie
Raleigh photo art
Homeschool tracker

these have been bid on by one person, so you might as well give some of these folks a run for their money.

18 month water drop onesie (Christa Lloyd)
Sari Bari mini hobo bag (GG Elsberry)
Ballroom dancing lessons (Katie Turner)
Glee basket (Julie Lorig

5 dollar items

3t girls water drop (4 bids)
haitian bracelet (8 bids)
africa earrings (4 bids)
loop earrings (4 bids)
3-6 month water drop onesie (4 bids)
18 months go seek love (3 bids)

10 dollar items

lindsay walkers applique shirt (3 bids)
hand penned art (3 bids)
sari bari market tote (3 bids)
enchiladas and guac (6 bids)
flatirons restaurant gift cards (5 bids)

15 dollar items

courtney cassada water drop shirt and love does (3 bids)
sassy sweet cupcakes (2 winners!!)  (3 bids)
leap frog dvd set (3 bids)
25 dollar gift certificate to sew4theone (4 bids)
doterra intro oils (7 bids)
proper syrah (8 bids)

20 dollar items

tisha's love sign (5 bids)
doterra's on guard oil (14 bids)
sari bari mini hobo (3 bids)
enchiladas plus syrah (6 bids)
wreaths by liz (12 bids)

25 dollar items

sari bari carry all (5 bids)
ballroom danciing (2 bids)
jody's favorite things basket (21 bids)
soccer camp (3 bids)

35 dollar items

megan hardre's photo shoot (6 bids)
laura moffat's photo shoot (5 bids)

40 dollar items

glee basket (2 bids)

and don't forget about the PIE!  for 5 bucks your name goes in for megan's pie!

happy world water day everyone!  bidding lasts all day.  we will wrap it up around 8 mountain time and randomly choose winners shortly after.

thank you so much for joining me this week.  i feel like i just can't say that enough.



Unknown said...

I bid on soccer camp too! Hope someone has my bids in there!:)

Mandy said...

your bids just got added, ang! i updated the blog :)

Laura said...

Just donated $35.

1 bid for Flatirons gift card
1 bid for enchiladas and guac
1 bid for Sassy Sweet Cupcakes

Can't wait to see what the grand total is!!
Love ya, friend!

Mandy said...

Love you too, girl! We added your bids! Thanks!

Blogger said...

+$3,624 profit last week!

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