Saturday, March 22, 2014

happy world water day!!

well, folks. 

this day kind of ranks right up there with 4th of july and christmas. 

and megan mccluskey wanted to help us celebrate world water day in style

she is baking you a PIE!  
and let me tell you something.
these pies. are. incredible. 
they have the best crust! 

this is sort of a colorado springs only deal (sorry!!).

but if you win she will bring it to you fresh or frozen or whatever you'd like.

5 dollar bid for one of megan's pies.

and then come say you are bidding on pie! 

world water day pie! 
could be a new tradition. 

in a bit, i'll list out all items and how many bids each has.
last bids need to get in by 8pm mountain time.
i'll have amanda randomly select winner shortly after!


sandi said...

Ok - whole30 or not we want the pie! Put us down for another $5.00!

sandi said...

Ok - put me down for another pie! I really want one of Megan's pies! $5.00 more

Miss G said...

If we weren't dealing with food allergies right now I DEFINITELY would have bid on pie!! Looks so yummy!! Kelly