Friday, March 21, 2014

there we were...

so apparently you people only need 5 days to raise 6k for water and jobs.  who knew?!

this is the part where i'm always amazed at the way God multiplies what we give Him.   i love Him for the way He blesses and meets me in my humble attempts to bring heaven here.  

i wish you all could have felt the warmth and joy in my home today.  we are blessed by diana.  we are blessed that theadventureproject gives us such a tangible, smart way to come alongside people and businesses who are doing great work to restore hope and dignity to communities all over the world.  

i was so proud of my little gathering today.  
we all lead busy, taxing, often frustrating lives and yet, today we shifted the focus off of ourselves and oh man, aren't we the most blessed when we do that?  

there we were, a living room full of women trying to be good moms and good wives and trying to keep our houses somewhat clean and make edible dinners, and let me tell you be able to live outside of ourselves this week? to be able to give in order to make life change for others?  what a gift that truly is. 

we are blessed and we were made to be a blessing and when we can actually do that? actually be a blessing?  there is no greater joy.   

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