Friday, March 21, 2014

water open house

it was a fun, emotional morning for me during the water party. i loved involving the kids.
we found uganda, compared fresh water with polluted water and made banks out of water bottles to raise money for clean water.  they all did so good with their little craft and then we watched diana together.

i loved having these moms and kids in my home, it felt so very relaxed and familiar.  we were all here for the same reason.  that's a whole lot of amazing hearts in one little house.  

my girls, sporting their african wear from their cousins in ghana.

ian and david playing trains together.

grandma and sweet baby cora

aunt juli is here!!

ian and clio. young love. ;)

the paisley girls! 

the water party babies!

 i made adorable raleigh tillman pose next to my water sign because her earrings were shaped like water drops. 


i had these women write notes to diana in a small journal that we'll send over to uganda with becky.  

i loved looking through these and praying that these words from these amazing women would speak life and hope and joy to our friend, diana. :)

we are 380 dollars away from our big 6k goal for this year.
tomorrow is world water day!
would love for you to join us!

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