Monday, March 17, 2014

some raffle news

thanks to all who've joined in today with the raffle by bidding and sharing the post via facebook, ect.

dave and i were on the slopes today with our old, faithful friends the haags.

amanda and i even braved it down a double diamond.  
i thought i might have a heart attack. 
it's been way too long since i've been on skis.

we're having a whirlwind vacation in copper mountain thanks to the generosity of grandparents.  somehow i think this quick trip just wouldn't be the same with our 8 children in tow. ;)

i am so excited to add a couple things to the raffle tomorrow!

i want to remind you that if you are the first to bid, your name gets in twice for that item.  there are still several things that haven't been bid on, so your chances of winning increase if you're the first.

did you watch the diana video?!? is she awesome or what?  can't wait to help her realize her dream this week.

lots more tomorrow, i'm about to meet everyone down in the hot tub.  yippee!!

original raffle post here. 

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