Wednesday, April 9, 2014

a kansas wedding

you guys, i went to the most incredible wedding this weekend.  

i truly cannot even do the story justice, but suffice it to say what i witnessed this weekend was miraculous and redemptive and very much a REAL, LIVE fairy tale.  

here's a pic i stole off of facebook of the bride and groom

that handsome young man is my cousin.
his life was saved several years ago and in the wake of a horrific accident, He has chosen to let God do His thing, redeem and restore, all the while rejoicing in all that God has given him.  i mean, inspirational doesn't even cut it. 
  a fraction of the brokenness from that accident was redeemed this weekend. i am so glad i was there to see it.  

i let the kids skip naps so they could swim in our hotel the afternoon before the wedding.
ashton and ian didn't handle that situation very well. 

my mom swam with the kids 3 different times over the weekend.
grandma of the year. 

kayla and emi got to come too!  we all loved seeing what God did for Logan and Jami this weekend.

and this was our boring school table the morning after we got home.  ho hum. 
school is no fun after you've been with family and swimming in hotel pools and dancing in a cool old barn. 

and some random phone pics.

ashton got her first ever hair cut. 

soccer season started and avery had an amazing upper corner goal in her first game.
when she turned around she was beaming and she ran right into my arms.
such a great moment. 

i'm coaching ashy girls team this year.
sweet 5 year old soccer stars.

this was one of ian's first "projects" in his official preschool book.
we read goldilocks and the three bears and did several little activities with that story.  on this day, we made porridge for our sisters. 
he is loving our special time working on his "school"

for gg elaine's birthday we got her all of the supplies to start her own nature journal.  
i wrote her a letter and asked if her nature journals could be passed down to our family. 
those will be such a treasure. 

i was at the dentist like every week for 5 weeks. 
it was fantastic.
one week, i had to take the kids and let ian have my phone. 

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Miss G said...

so weird but I just smelled the dentist looking at this last pic! Kelly