Monday, April 14, 2014

a pot of tiny tea

"won't you come and sit with me
 and share a pot of tiny tea?
 dolls are sweet as they can be,
 but friends are best, don't you agree? (when it comes to tea)
 so come and let's get all dressed up
 and pour some tea into each cup.
then you will come and sit with me, and share a pot of tiny tea."

our tea party with gg elaine is quickly becoming a spring tradition.
we have poetry readings.
and song performances.
and drumming and dancing.
she loves it.  and i love that she loves it.

what a treasure this video is and will continue to be.

1 comment :

Miss G said...

I think of her so often holding my Cora girl that day at your house. I love her and her attitude about life! Kelly