Wednesday, April 16, 2014

just some things

today is rainy and cold.
but i really believe in recess.
out you go. ;)
 oh, rightstart, how we love you. 

aves reading to ash.
matching skirts.
afternoon sun.
full heart.

the boys went on a date last night.
we had just gone to the library and had stacks and stacks of books.
i even found one by anne lamott that i hadn't heard of, but, in my opinion, anything by her needs to be read.
i can't put it down.  i just love being in the middle of a good book. 
 gg came with us to the library.

i love looking out and seeing buckets of dirt, jars of insects and mud balls all lined up. 
there's more education going on up on that hill in our back yard than in any work-page done earlier that morning. i SO believe that. 

there they are again.
on the flat part on top of the hill, they've turned it into a house with rooms and such.  they pretend they are laura and mary and are living on the prairie.  be still my heart. 

we are reading the little house books at night, but sometimes i catch her reading ahead. 
i would be mad if i wasn't so happy. ;)
 she LOVES hang man these days.  
we play a round after we finish math for the day.

this is what i uncoded.
"i love my mommy.  she is really fun.  aspaschely when she is happy."

this is sweet and also sad.  oh how i long to be happy always.  

we've already gotten in a couple of after dinner family walks.  yay!
ashton is obsessed with ants.
she gets handfuls of them and wants to put them in jars.  we were always way behind daddy, ian and avery because she stopped at every. single. ant hole.  

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