Friday, April 18, 2014

when kids squirm in their seats on good friday

it was busy at chic fil a.  it always is, i suppose.  we had a couple extra with us tonight and three 12 piece nuggets didn't quite cut it.  it was their pleasure ;) to get us more nuggets, more waters, and of course, more chic fil a sauce.

we needed something quick to fill bellies in between soccer practice and our much anticipated good friday service. we were in and out of there in 30 minutes.  that might be a record.

good friday services have always been important to me.  i love the tradition of it.  the somberness, the contemplative nature of the songs, the scripture, the communion.

i don't want any of it to be lost on me...the last supper, judas' betrayal, the garden, the slashing, the thorny crown, the walk to the cross, the nails.  it all feels so sacred and so personal.

and tonight, dave and i sat there amongst 4 squirmy, fidgety, bored kiddos. (ian was in his little class. hallelujah)

and i just kept wanting them to be more serious about it all.  to really take it in and to grasp the gravity of what it was we were remembering tonight.  "hey. Jesus died for you, stop giggling." "did you hear me?!? Jesus died for you.  stop touching your sister."  "come on.  think about Jesus dying...okay?!"

and then this, from the pulpit.

"before we even knew to ask the question, He came with the answer.  before we even knew we were lost, hopeless and in chains, Christ came.  He saved us before we knew we needed to be saved, before we even thought to ask Him to save us."

and i stared at these four kiddos.  their giggles, their yawns, their "i'm firsty"'s and i couldn't hold the tears back.

they don't know about how important this night is, God.  they have yet to learn the depths of their need for You.  they don't know how to be contemplative about your death or to even be truly thankful for the work done on that rugged cross.

and yet, as they sit squirming in their seats, poking at sisters and giggling at friends.  unaware of the gravity that this night holds and bored of the sacred traditions.  even before they know that You needed to...You died for them.

before they can be grateful.
before they can sit still and give thanks.
before they can ponder and posture themselves in an attitude of somber praise.

that's when You died for them.


Laura said...

"Jesus died for you, stop giggling." Now that made me laugh out loud!!

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