Sunday, May 11, 2014

school and soccer and mother's day

currently, dave is preparing plates for the children to have a snack/late dinner before tossing them all in bed.  he sent me up to our room. i'm in sweats.  under blankets.  with my computer.  wonderful.

i started my day with a nice run, taught adorable 4-6 year olds at church and then we all headed up to ed and nancy's for some relaxing time with family.  the men truly served us and it was an enjoyable afternoon.

this is the poem that my kiddos at church pasted on the back of their mother's day cards.

In the Closet
by Annie Flavin

I sit down to take a bite –
the first bite,
the last bite;
they want it all,
except if it’s on their own plate.

I would give them
any organ in my body,
any breath they needed,
my life.

Yet I hide
in the kitchen,
in the pantry,
over the sink,
and eat my food –
shovel my food –
into my mouth
before they can ask for it.

“Yes, honey?”
“Why does your mouth smell like chocolate’s in there?”

“There, there, sweetheart.

Go to sleep.”

hilarious, right? 

here are some things from our week. 

ashton scored a goal in her first game on saturday! 
 and we had a little party with her sweet little team!

aren't they adorable?

avery had her last day of first grade at our homeschool program. 

she had mrs. pace for kindo and first grade.  we adore this teacher and this little school.  so thankful for rmca's homeschool school.  

dave worked late on that thursday night, so i took the kids to steak and shake to celebrate the last day of school! (we, of course, are still plugging away at our school, hoping to finish may strong and then do at least one day a week of school in the summer)  

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