Wednesday, May 7, 2014

in no particular order

ashton gets treated by her grandpa after a HOT soccer game. 
 from the second dave gets home from work until he goes to bed, ian is trailing him, asking him TONS of questions and pretty much just wanting to do whatever he does.  the father/son thing is pretty adorable. 

"can i read before we have to leave for practice?

 dave planned this bday lunch for me and watched all of our kids so we could be together for a few hours.
love these women. 

i cut my hair.
it's way short.
i'm having a bit of impulsive-cut-my-hair-short remorse.

and also, i wish i could go back and tell my teenage, soccer playing, always at practice and at games self to put loads and loads of sunscreen on my forehead.  

school at home is hard and overwhelming and taxing and i'm with my kids ALL OF THE TIME.

but it sure is beautiful. 


Laura said...

Cute hair!! I can't wait to see it in person.

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