Monday, May 5, 2014

the luster of may

pictures from our nature walk this morning. 

the luster of may is not lost on me this year.

it does a weary soul so much good to finally be letting go of schedules and places we must be and "where are your cleats?" and "please get your ballet slippers on!" and "for the love get in van we are not going to make it to school on time!" 

ballet recital is in the books.
one more thursday of homeschool school.
one more saturday of soccer games.

this winding down comes as such a breath of fresh air.  practices and classes and games and, routine even, start to feel like such a beat down.  at the end of each season a part of me feels like it might die if something doesn't change.  and it's funny, because the truth is, something old does have to die in order for something new to grow.  the death of soccer practices and games means lazy family saturdays of yard work and jimmy sweets.  the death of ballet and thursday school means swimming lessons and trips to the pool.  new life. thank you, Jesus. 

there are new things blooming everywhere in our yard; on our street.  we planted 18 plants among-st our mulch last fall and up until a couple weeks ago, we were convinced that all but a few did not make it through winter.  but as the weather turned warmer and we pulled away the dead branches and leaves, we found life there! tiny green leaves and buds shooting up under all of that death.   it's spiritually moving, no?

may is so good, with it's warm mornings, it's hot sun and so many things coming to a close.
may is like christmas eve, on the brink of opening all of the presents of summer.

dandelion noses
"they smell so good, momma."

the whole of summer stretched out before us.

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