Wednesday, July 30, 2014

i blog sometimes

uncle matt and aunt rocio are here!!
they've been spoiling the kids as usual.
each of the kids has been able to go on their very own date with them.

they've each loved getting matt and rocio all to themselves for awhile

i'm trying to go through more pictures from the the lake as a get a few spare minutes.

we're getting excited for these two to get married! 

this is when ian was pointing out the huge "octomus prime" outside of ripley's believe it or not on the branson strip. 

and this girl with her curly, red pig tails.  good grief.  

i found some pictures from the bumper boats experience. 

this was pre getting soaked and yelling at a 10 year old boy. 

cuties with their andy's frozen custard on the strip.  
only on vacation can you eat chocolate ice cream at 10 at night. :)

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