Saturday, July 19, 2014

more lake

i know there are many beautiful lakes in this big ol' world, but i just can't imagine one more beautiful than table rock. 

 it's warm.
and clean.
and clear.

perfect really. 

i love how comfortable my kids got in the water during our two week stay.

i remember our very first night.

we tossed our suitcases on the bed in our condo, scrounged through them quickly to find our suits and skipped down the giant hill to the dock. 

after awhile we had to head up to meet some more family at the pool for a pizza party and the kids did not want to leave the dock and i was all 

"it's okay guys, we are leaving the lake to go to the pool."

and that sentence right there pretty much sums up our two weeks.

we left the lake to go the pool and vice versa.  it was rad.

by the end, the girls were diving in the deep end with no floaties.
thank you donna's dolphins. 

i love this picture so much.
no one is looking.
we are all stuffing our faces.
emi is too cute in her swim tubeamajig.

 she watched this fisherman for a LONG time. 

cousin lauren was a BIG hit with my kids. 

this is a video montage my cousin made of all of our kids dock diving.  yes, i'm the one screaming.... so fun.

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