Tuesday, August 19, 2014

the time avery got to learn how to ride a horse

gg elaine gave avery riding lessons for her birthday

i've known christianna since she was a tiny thing, she was in my God's Girls class and she still goes on the miss mandy christmas date.  and she just happens to live on a farm with horses and she also just happens to give riding lessons to bright eyed 7 year old girls.

 we had a ball this morning.
 ashton found bugs in the barn. 
a few minutes after i snapped this, she exclaimed "mom, i just took off all of the beetles legs!"
i wasn't quite sure how to respond, "good job, babe..." hmmmm

 after the lesson christianna led avery through all of the "horse chores"

leading her back into the barn. 
 taking off the bridle

 taking off the saddle

 she got to brush her. 
  and then lead her out of the barn out to the pasture. 

super duper cool.

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