Tuesday, August 19, 2014

lake photos found

i had to go through my camera today in order to have enough room to capture riding lessons and i found a few more from the lake.  bear with me. ;)

the jacuzzi tub!!

bedtime stories with grandpa
 dave took ian out to the buoy with the little intertube.  they were pretty far away from the dock.

she was the cutest little water bug in the lake.  look out CLEAR the water is.  ahhhh.

they looked so cute this night, but no one was really cooperating for a picture.

watching the fountains down at branson's landing.

can't wait to be with these guys in a couple months FOR THEIR WEDDING!!

and also, avery.
and alos check out ian holding emi's foot, looking all swag. ;) love that boy.

avery and ben's tough face before bumber boating.
 there's a little patch of lawn in between the go karts and andy's.  it's fun to let the kids run around here after eating their ice cream.
 see the girls up there watching the go karts?!

first day of 2nd and kindergarten tomorrow for my girls.  i'm holding ash a little tighter today.

these big, "firsts" are just a reminder of how quickly they are growing.

and then i go and read this  from ann and i'm just a puddle of tears and prayers.

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