Wednesday, August 20, 2014

the day they went to school together

my two sweet girls have been through much together in their respective 5 and 7 years of life.

i couldn't help but go through picture after picture of the two of them together this afternoon.

watching their friendship develop over time through the eyes of the camera/blog posts has been so beautiful today.

neither of them really know life without the other.

and i just keep praying for their relationship to grow and be a beautiful anchor for each of them throughout their lives.

they experienced another BIG thing together this morning, hand and hand as usual.

i can hardly believe that they both went to school today.

avery a big second grader and ashton a sweet little kindergartner.

it's been so cute to watch as avery has fully explained school to ash. 

"and you get two snacks, and you have to eat your sandwich FIRST at lunch, and i'll get to see you at recess..."

she's been doing it for 5 years now, leading her, teaching her, bringing her along for whatever adventure is next.  i love it.  i'm so thankful for their relationship.

rmca was the adventure today.

have fun my sweet girls.  your momma is so very proud of you.

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