Tuesday, August 26, 2014

when ashton went to kindergarten

for those of you with 3 kiddos like myself, isn't there just something about that sweet, squished in the middle child? 

it is physically painful to look at pictures of ash as a baby.  that time with her as a baby was SO fleeting and i just didn't really know it while i was living it.  

she is my MOST needs-momma child. 

i was very nervous about her first day at rmca.  

i truly thought i would have to leave her there crying while the teacher pried her off of me. 

(those legs!!)

i am so glad i snagged this video back in the 3, 3 and under phase.  

turns out, i had no reason to worry.

she was A okay. 

hanging up her backpack. 

i think all of the school prep avery did with her really paid off.  

she found her spot. 

no tears, no extra hugs.

she didn't even look back.  

waiting for me in the car pool line. 

precious ashton kate is in kindergarten. 

and i love her so.  

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